Digital photography printed on canvas genuine living community offers you a very special appearance!
Printed on canvas and stretched on a frame genuine invisible wooden transform your favorite photos into a real attraction around the house. The product is available in multiple sizes. Choose preference. Photo on canvas is stretched on a wooden frame invisible. 
Delivered already mounted on wooden frame invisible: so You do not have to do anything more than to expose even immediately Wall
Very bright colors
Printed on premium canvas
stretched on a wooden frame very strong invisible
Cloth premium of exceptional quality, stretched over wooden frame invisible.
Step 1 - Select:
To buy a work of this store is required to send e-mail the following information: 
a.  The name and delivery address of a recipient 
b.  Code photograph (ex. AB-000004), or Title
c.  code format (see Step 2) 
d. prints will be involved with the author's signature in the upper right corner (Figure 1.1). Without the author's signature price is 10% higher.
image 1.1
Step 2 - Set picture format
code format    Dimension     Price              Price               Currency
                                          signature         without
      2           20x30cm        from 300         from 330               EUR
      15         40x60cm        from 400         from 440               EUR
      24         60x90cm        from 600         from 660               EUR
      28         80x120cm      from 700         from 770               EUR
Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
For other currencies the exchange rate will be the day of payment
Step 3 - Reception of order: You will receive an e-mail to receive the order and then move on to Step 4 
Step 4 - Order Confirmation: Confirmation of order is made after collection confirmation of 20% of the order, the rest will be paid at delivery of the product.
Delivery to do within 10 to 15 days (depending on print provider's, from order. Delivery is free courier.
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