Digital photography printed on genuine canvas gives your living room a particularly special appearance!
Printed on genuine canvas and spread out on an invisible wooden frame, your favorite photos make the whole home a real attraction. The product is available in multiple sizes. Choose according to your preference. The canvas photograph is laid out on an invisible wooden frame.
Delivers already mounted on the invisible wooden frame: so you have nothing more to do but expose it even immediately on the wall.
- particularly bright vivid colors
- printed on premium canvas
- stretched on an invisible frame of very durable wood
Premium canvas of exceptional quality, stretched on invisible wooden frame.
Step 1 - Selection:
To buy a job from this store, you must email the following information:
a. name and delivery address of the beneficiary
b. section, photography code and format code (ex. Abstract, 4, 24 (see Step 2))
Step 2 - Determine the format of the table and the price
Format Code    Size Format    Price
              2          20x30cm        100 Euro
              15        40x60cm        150 Euro
              24        60x90cm        200 Euro
              28        80x120cm      270 Euro
Prices are with all taxes included.
For other currencies the exchange rate will be that on the day of payment
Step 3 - Order reception:
You will receive an email receiving your order and then proceed to Step 4
Step 4 - Order Confirmation:
The payment amount will be paid upon delivery of the product.
Its delivery will take up to 10-15 business days (depends on the print provider, from order confirmation.
Delivery is free by express courier.

Contract agreement​​​​​​​

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