Butușină Eugen Leonard, hereinafter referred to as the PRESTOR and the applicant for the abovementioned services, hereinafter referred to as client.
The CLIENT shall entrust the Provider with the taking of digital photographs and other works adjacent to the provision of an occasional nature (hereinafter referred to as goods). The moment of conclusion of the contract is the moment of confirmation, by email, by the Provider of the acceptance of the work, according to the order sent by the Client.
The delivery of the GOODS will be included in the price on the PRESTOR's website, valid on the date of conclusion of the contract. The price shall consist of the purchase price, transport costs and shall comprise all taxes and other price components. All PRICES are understood to be expressed in LEI.
After the order is confirmed, the Customer loses the right of withdrawal due to the fact that the products provided by the Provider are made according to the specifications presented by the Customer, being customized according to its options.
The transport of orders shall be carried out in accordance with the conditions described on the website, unless the CLIENT and the PRESTOR of the internet location have not stipulated otherwise. The provider has the right to partially place the order. The delay in transport of the Prestator does not confer the right of compensation on the CLIENT, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional delays on the part of the Prestator. In the event of the stipulation of on-the-spot removal, the CLIENT shall pick up MARFA, immediately after processing and at the place of sale of the PRESTOR indicated by him. The supplier shall be obliged to keep the goods for 3 (three) months from the date of the processing notice issued to the CLIENT. In this situation, the CLIENT on the occasion of the pick-up of the GOODS will be obliged, in addition to the payment of its consideration and to the payment of a deposit fee established in proportion to the storage period. After the expiry of the three-month period, the Provider will destroy the goods, any request from the CLIENT after this period being null and void. In case of agreement between the parties regarding the transport by post, the risk of accidental loss of the GOODS rests with the CLIENT from the moment of dispatch. Date of dispatch of GOODS ordered .... is his surrender to a transport or means of transport business. This principle also applies to damage and repackaging of the GOODS. If the CLIENT does not request special transport and does not undertake to pay the additional costs, the Provider will decide how to transport the GOODS.

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